Why does the Comfast WiFi Extender keep losing connection

Why does the Comfast WiFi Extender keep losing connection?

Are you having issues with your Comfast extender that’s causing it to lose connection? It could be a sign of a problem with your WiFi range extender. The extender’s connectivity is affected when it is set to distance from your router which makes it hard to detect wireless signals. If your Comfast Extender keeps losing connection, it is necessary to follow the troubleshooting process to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Comfast WiFi extenders are highly reliable, making them easy to operate and use. Even if you encounter issues with your extender it will take only an hour to resolve the issue. This article will guide how you need to take it in the event that your Comfast extender stops connecting at times.

Reasons why Comfast Extender losing Connection

If your Comfast extender stops connecting there could be a reason to blame. In this section, you will look at several of the reasons for why the reason why your Comfast extender’s wifi dropping:

  • Outdated firmware version
  • Power connection issues
  • Excessive distance between the extender and router
  • Drop-offs of the network on the router
  • The settings are not correctly configured on the extender
  • Faulty Comfast wifi extender configuration

Comfast Extender Issues- How to Fix?

This section will walk us through the solution permanent to the Comfast extender’s wireless drops. If you notice that your Comfast extender drops are not working correctly ensure you follow these steps:

Reboot your extender and other devices

First, you must restart your modem, router, and extender unplug all of the devices and let them sit for five minutes before plugging them back in their respective outlets. A majority of the time minor issues will go away following the reboot.

Remove network obstructions

  • Then, you must check every device for interruptions.
  • Start with your extender. Check that the surrounding areas are free of thick walls such as fish tanks, microwaves, and metal pieces.
  • These products can disrupt the wireless signals from your devices.
  • Then, visit your router and look for the same issue.
  • Finally, you should bring your Comfast extender with the router.
  • It is important to ensure that there is a distance that the router can travel between and extender isn’t too far.

Reset Comfast extender

If the steps mentioned above have not resolved the issue with your device, you’ll reset your extender. The rest of the Comfast extender will restore the factory default settings for your extender. Hold the reset button on the back for about 10 seconds. When you release the button,then your device will be restored to its initial settings. After the device has reset it is imperative to change the configuration of your Comfast extender in conjunction with the router’s network.

The final word

The experience of having these issues is normal for everyone. No device can ever encounter problems throughout its life. If your device is experiencing these problems, ensure that you adhere to the troubleshooting procedures in the right order. Do not rush to restore your extender to the default settings that were set in the factory.

Be sure to follow the steps mentioned above carefully each time you notice your Comfast extender disconnection often. We hope that you enjoyed this article. If you have any problems with your device or require assistance contact our customer support.