Comfast Wireless Bridge Setup

Setting Up Your Comfast Wireless Bridge

This blog post will tell you simple steps for setting up your Comfast wireless bridge mode that can help you with a reliable connection with a CCTV camera.
Before getting started with the Comfast bridge mode setup, we should know the basic difference between routers, Access Points, Extenders, and bridges.

    • Router- is connected directly to the modem via a LAN cable for internet connection
    • Access Point- gives a wireless connection to a wired network
    • Repeater- repeats the signal of an access point or wireless router.
    • Bridge- creates a long-range network wirelessly. It is used when you want to position an IP camera up to 1 Km from the recorder.

Wire up the Comfast Bridge

    • Take out the master device and connect a cable from the PoE port on the Comfast device to the PoE port on the power point.
    • Connect a LAN cable from the LAN port on power point to the LAN port on the wireless router.
    • Plug another LAN cable from the wireless router to the computer.
    • Repeat the process for a second (slave) Comfast device antenna.

Configuring your Comfast Bridge


Now, that you have wired everything together wait for a few seconds. It’s time to configure the device which is just a matter of logging in and configuring.

  • Before doing anything else you need to change the IP address of your computer. Change it to (subnet
  • Next, open up an internet browser and type and a login window will pop up. Enter the login password as ‘admin’.
  • Once logged in, change the Network IP address to something like You have to do the same for the second Comfast antenna.
  • The next step is to change the SSID and set up a wireless password so that no other device can connect to your network.
  • The master Comfast bridge setup is completed.

Configuring the second Comfast device

    • Change the network IP address of slave Comfast device to and disable the DHCP.
    • Select ‘Operate’ mode and enter the password you have created.
    • You will then see a graph showing 2 antennas talking to each other
    • Click on the ‘Save’ button to complete the changes.

This marks the end of the Comfast bridge mode setup process. We hope this guide was useful to you and you got the required information. If it has not resolved your query, you can check out our related blogs or reach out to our experts. Our team will help you fix the Comfast wireless bridge-related issues.