How to Reset the Password of Comfast Wifi Extender

How to Reset the Password of Comfast Wifi Extender

The reset password of comfast extender process makes your range extender get back to the factory default settings. The factory default settings are the original configuration or settings with which the extender is sold to you. When you reset the Comfast wifi range extender, all the settings, wireless logs, connections, and passwords are erased from the extender. You need to remember that once you reset your device, you may need to reconfigure it in order to have an extended network. 

Comfast range extenders are some of the best extenders on the market. The Comfast extender delivers a blazing-fast internet experience while keeping network disturbances at bay. However, the good properties of your extender do not guarantee zero occurrences of errors or problems. You may also experience some problems with your Comfast wifi extender during its life span, but these problems are not major and are easily fixable. There are very few chances that your wifi range extender may come across any hardware malfunction or defect. 

In this post, we will help you learn how to reset the password of the Comfast wifi extender easily without any hassle. 

Requirements for Comfast repeater reset?

In this section, we will discuss what points need to be ensured if you want to reset Comfast extender

  1. The Comfast wifi extender should be powered on.
  2. No need to connect the range extender to any device.
  3. The Comfast range extender should be getting an adequate power supply.
  4. The range extender should not be faulty. You can confirm this by checking the behavior of your wifi extender by connecting to it. 

Reset the password of Comfast wifi extender

This section will finally discuss how to perform the Comfast extender reset process. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully in order to avoid going through any fuss.

  1. Firstly, locate the reset button or push button on your Comfast repeater. It will be probably on the backside or on the sideways of the range exteder.
  2. The reset button is usually found inside the frame of the Comfast range extender. So you need to have a toothpick or a paperclip handy.
  3. Now, with the help of a paperclip, press the reset/push button on your Comfast wifi extender.
  4. After that, do not release the reset button. Please ensure that you hold the reset button of your wifi extender for at least 10 seconds. 
  5. Now, you will see the LED light on your device flashing.
  6. Lastly, the push button and wait for a few minutes. 

Your wifi extender will take a few minutes to restore the original default settings. Please ensure that you do not turn off the device in the middle of the Comfast extender reset process. The Comfast wifi extender will automatically reboot once it restores the original settings. Make sure you do not turn off the device after that as well.

Reconfigure the Comfast extender after the reset process

Now that you have reset the Comfast repeater to the factory default settings, you need to reconfigure it. To reconfigure the device, here are some of the brief steps that you can refer to.

  1. Firstly, connect to the wifi network of your Comfast extender.
  2. Enter the default wifi password to connect to the wireless network. 
  3. After that, go to the internet browser and enter the gateway IP
  4. Thereafter, the web browser will take you to the Comfast extender setup page.
  5. Now, connect the range extender to your main router’s wireless network by locating the SSID.
  6. After that, enter the Wifi network key to establish the connection. 
  7. Finally, finalize the settings to set up your device.

Once you complete the Comfast extender setup process, you can unplug the device and install it in a place where you experience weak signals previously. You can install the device anywhere you want after the setup completes. We recommend you place the device at an optimum distance from the main router. The extender should not be too far from the main router.


So that was all about how to reset the password of Comfast wifi extender by resetting the device to the factory default settings. We hope you liked this post and it helped you reset the password of your range extender. If you need any assistance regarding the Comfast extender, please feel free to reach out to us.