How to Execute the Wiwafifa Extender Setup

How to Execute the Wiwafifa Extender Setup?

The Wiwafifa range extender provides an effortless as well as an affordable solution for extending your current Wifi’s range. With its range of 3000 square feet, you’ll experience high-speed internet connection in all the inaccessible areas. By proceeding with the Wiwafifa wifi extender setup, you can do camera streaming at 1080p and various other stuff as well.

You must ensure you have accurately set up the wifi range extender. If you want to know the complete process, keep reading! In this blog, we’ll be discussing the through process of the Wiwafifa extender setup.

Steps for the Wiwafifa Wifi Extender Setup

There are two ways to set up the wifi range extender. One is using the WPS button and the second is using a web browser. For the web browser method, you require the extender’s IP address, username, and password. Follow the steps below:

Wiwafifa Wifi Extender Setup Via Web Browser

  • Firstly, plug the extender into an electrical outlet. Wait till the power LED lights up. Ensure the extender is closeby to your Wifi router.
  • Secondly, connect your device to the extender’s wifi network. You can connect wirelessly or via an ethernet cable.
  • Thirdly, open a web browser of your choice. Enter the IP address of your extender. You can find the IP address on the label of the extender.
  • Fourthly, when the login page appears, enter the default username and password of the extender.
  • You can find this information on the extender as well.
  • Next, click on Login and you’ll be successfully logged in. On the main page, select the repeater mode to set up the device as an extender.
  • Afterward, you can choose your wifi network name and enter its password to complete the connection.
  • Now, you can set up a name and password for the extender’s network.
  • When the connection is complete, connect your devices to the extender’s network.

Wiwafifa Extender Setup Via WPS Content

  • First of all, plug your Wifi extender into a power source. Keep the extender in the same room as the wifi router. Wait till the power LED lights up.
  • Next, press the WPS button on the router. Within two minutes press the WPS on the extender as well.
  • Then, the extender will connect to the router’s network. Give them a few minutes to connect.
  • Afterward, you can log in and set the extender and connect your devices to the extender’s network.

When the connection is successful, you can unplug the extender and place it where you receive a dead zone. Just ensure the extender is within the router’s range. The Wiwafifa wifi extender setup is complete.

Wiwafifa Extender Troubleshooting

As the extender is just another device, sometimes it can have glitches and malfunctions as well. Although it’s not always a glitch, there could be an issue from your end too. To fix the issue, you can try the following things, if your extender’s not connecting to the wifi or if it’s not working:

  • Before you declare your extender damaged, verify if you have properly executed the Wiwafifa wifi extender setup. Ensure that the extender and the wifi are connected properly.
  • Inspect whether your extender is within the router’s range.
  • If your extender is unable to receive the router’s signal, it’ll be unable to extend its network. However, if it’s too close to the router, you might not receive a signal in all the dead zones.
  • Before you inspect the extender, ensure the wifi router is fine.
  • Another possibility could be that the router’s not working properly. You can try resetting your router to fix the issue.
  • You need to ensure the extender is powered on. If it’s powered off, it will not work.
  • Check the firmware version of the extender. If it’s an outdated version, then it won’t work.

If these Wiwafifa extender troubleshooting tips didn’t help and your extender’s still not working. You need to proceed with the Wiwafifa extender reset.

Wiwafifa Extender Reset

  • Initially, locate the reset button of the extender. You can find it on the back.
  • Next, you can use a sharp object like a pin or something.
  • Press the reset button and after 5-7 seconds release it.
  • Then, the power light of the extender will light up and start blinking.
  • Afterward, wait till it turns solid. When it does, it indicates the extender has reset.

When the Wiwafifa reset is complete, you will have to set up the extender again. As the reset will restore the factory default settings. After the reset, all the issues should be gone.

If there’s still facing any isssue on wiwafifa extender setup or altice extender setup , you can contact our team. We’ll provide an affection solution.