How to Execute the Uppoon Wifi Extender Setup?

The Uppoon Wifi extender is an effective signal amplifier. Its dual-band supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands with an integrated Wifi speed of 1200 Mbps. This cost-effective signal repeater eliminates dead spots in your residential and commercial buildings without any trouble.This guide is all about the Uppoon Wifi Extender Setup. It functions to replicate the Wifi signals and has the ability to extend them up to 3000 sq. ft.

Additionally, it works for various devices, streaming videos and managing video conferences without interference. As it has dual-band technology, it automatically picks the appropriate band to repeat signals. It functions better than most extenders in its league. You just need to properly execute the Uppoon Wifi extender setup to enjoy high-speed internet in every area.

Uppoon Wifi Extender Setup

You can set up your extender using two ways; one is using the WPS button and the other is the Uppoon Wifi extender manual setup. Below we have explained these methods in detail:

Uppoon Wifi Extender Manual Setup Via WPS Button

  • Firstly, ensure your Wifi extender supports this method. You can check this by going to the settings and updating the function before initiating the setup.
  • After updating the settings, you can begin the process. Examine the antennas and the Wifi extender and make sure they are both facing upward.
  • Next, plug the extender into an electrical outlet. To establish a strong connection, ensure the outlet is closeby to the host router.
  • Then, find the WPS button on the router. Press and hold it for approximately two minutes, and then release it. In the next two minutes, press and hold the WPS button on the Wifi extender.
  • Now, the signal light will light up on the Wifi router, indicating the connection is successful.
  • Then, you can connect your device to the extender’s wifi network, by connecting to the latest Wifi SSID showing on your device.
  • Afterward, you can unplug the extender and move it to the area you experience weak signals.

The Uppoon Wifi extender manual setup method is best when you are short of time and you wish to complete the setup process quickly. You don’t require any login details via this method. However, if your extender doesn’t support this method, you can follow the other method.

Uppoon Wifi Extender Setup Via Web UI

  • First of all, connect your device to the extender’s network. You can use an ethernet cable for the connection as well. 
  • After that, open a browser and enter the IP address of the extender in the address bar.
  • Once the extender’s login page appears, log in using the default password. You can also change the password after logging in.
  • Then, when the home page with the five modes displays, select the ‘Repeater’ mode.
  • Next, the configuration options will appear. It will automatically scan for any nearby devices, and you can connect to the router’s network.
  • When the connection is successful, set a name for the extender. You will get different names for the 2.4HGz and 5GHz wifi.

The Uppoon Wifi extender setup is complete. Now, you can unplug the extender and place it in the dead zone. But don’t keep it too far from the host router. These are the same steps for the Uppoon Wifi extender login. 

Uppoon Extender Troubleshooting

There are several reasons why your Wifi extender could not be working accurately. It doesn’t particularly mean there’s something wrong with your extender, there could be an issue from your end as well. Some issues and their solutions are listed below:

Far from the router’s range

Sometimes the signal isn’t strong enough to include a whole building. The extender might not be catching the router’s network. Therefore you need to move the extender closer to the router. When the extender’s in its range, you will receive a strong signal and it’ll start working again.

The structure of the building affects the router’s signal

Another reason could be that the structure of the building could cause an obstruction in the signals. If the signal bars in the mobile phone are less, it indicates the signal is weak. You can try relocating the router to different locations. It might help in the Uppoon extender troubleshooting.

Incompatible firmware of the extender

If the extender firmware version is outdated, it might have trouble connecting with the router. Check if a new version has come out, and update it to the latest version. The latest version might even solve any other issue with the extender.

Uppoon Wifi Extender Reset

If nothing else works, you can always try resetting the extender. As performing a factory reset will restore its functionality and return it to the default settings. Remember, you will have to set it up again after the reset.

First, you need to locate the reset button. Make sure the extender is connected to an electrical outlet. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release it. Afterward, the Uppoon Wifi extender reset will begin automatically. Then you will see the default Wifi name on your device.

If after the Uppoon Wifi extender reset you are still facing issues, you can contact our team. We’ll guide you properly through the Uppoon extender troubleshooting process. Reach out to us right now.