How to configure Comfast CF-EW73?

How to configure Comfast CF-EW73?

Comfast CF-EW73 is the outdoor access point release by Comfast recently that claims to deliver about 300 meters of wireless network coverage and support up to 76 wireless devices simultaneously. If you have purchased a new Comfast CF-EW73 outdoor AP, this blog will walk you through the Comfast CF-EW73 setup in no time.

Important to note

Comfast CF-EW73 can be configure in three operational modes. These are AP mode(Access Point), Router Mode, and Repeater Mode.

You can select the appropriate mode based on your preference and then proceed with the instructions to complete the network setup process in no time

Ways you can set up Comfast CF-EW73

There are two different methods you can configure your Comfast Outdoor AP with your home network. These are:

  • WPS (WiFi Protected Setup)

Uses the WPS button on your home network devices.

  • Manual setup method

Using the web-based settings management wizard.

The WPS Method

This “WiFi Protected Setup” method is only applicable in the event that your primary home network router is equipped with the WPS button, and is able to support this type of connection. If you’re sure your devices can support this method, you can start with the steps outlined.

  • Connect your Comfast Repeater to the power outlet and switch on the power source. Let your device begin to power up and then just wait until your Power LED turns solid.
  • Be sure to install your router in the exact same location as your primary router in order to ensure smoother pairing with no interruptions.
  • Verify that the main router is also functioning and the internet is up and running.
  • Hit your WPS button on the router’s main button. The WPS LED blinks.
  • This indicates it is searching for a different device to connect with.
  • On your Comfast CF-EW73 setup , you need to press the WPS button too. It will show the WPS indicator on the Repeater flash for a time, it will then become solid.
  • This indicates that the repeater pair with your router’s main router and is now able to transmit signals.
  • It is now possible to move your repeater to a different place based on the location you prefer and then connect your wireless devices to this new connection.

The Manual Setup Method

The manual setup process will require access to the wizard for setting management on the internet. Here are the instructions to follow to complete the Comfast CF-EW73 setup :

  • Connect the Comfast CF-EW73 to a power outlet close to your router at home. The power supply is turned on and let the power LED change into a solid.
  • When it is done, switch on the network settings of your phone or computer, and then link to it. Then, connect to the Comfast repeater system. You can recognize the same by its name. Select the exact name and then click on the Connect button.
  • Open a web browser and you’ll be automatically directed toward your Comfast Repeater login window. If not, simply type in an IP address that is the default into the address field of your web browser, and proceed by pressing Enter.
  • Once you have reached the login screen for default repeaters, type the default login credentials into their respective fields. Then, hit “Login.”

Configuring the Network for Comfast CF-EW73 setup

  • The primary Comfast set-up wizard for CF EW73 is displaying on your desktop and you’ll be presented with three options, viz. AP, Repeater, and Router. Since we’re aiming at making this device an AP, you can click on the Repeater option.
  • The “Wireless Site Survey” page shows up on the screen. There’s also an array of networks that are available. Choose the one that is connect to the router that is your primary home router.
  • The bottom of the webpage will retrieve information about the network’s name in a timely manner.
  • In the fields beneath the router’s name, you can enter a brand new SSID. This is the name that your network will display when you search for it in your search box.
  • Also, enter your new Comfast CF-EW73 password into the field immediately below the SSID field.
  • Click on the “Connect” button.
  • The setup wizard will prompt you to input the password for the main router network on the subsequent window. Click Connect and an error message about connecting successfully will appear on the display.
  • It is now possible to continue joining your wireless device to this network, which is the Comfast CF-EW73.

Still, wondering how to configure Comfast CF-EW73 outdoor AP? Reach out to the team now!