Comfast WiFi Range Extender Setup

Whether you are a gamer or just a binge watcher, you require an internet connection that is not only fast but also has good coverage. Though it is not possible to get the best of your internet connection with your router as it is only limited to a certain area. Comfast WiFi extender is a perfect solution as it covers dead zones prevailing at your home completely. This device works by gradually taking the signal from the router and distributing it to the dead zones. Thus, Comfast WiFi range extender setup is an improvement to fast Wifi signals all across your place. The great thing is that setting up a comfast extender does not require much time of the user. Now, let’s get you to know how to setup comfast extender. It is possible to do the comfast repeater setup by using the ip address You need to place your comfast extender in an ideal location so that it can perform in the best way possible.

Learn how to setup comfast wifi extender

Before you proceed with the comfast wifi range extender setup, you must know that your comfast device can work in three different modes-

  • As an access Point
  • As an extender
  • As a wireless router

If you wish to expand the wireless connectivity then you should set up comfast device in an extender mode.  The following steps will explain you how to access comfast extender login page and extend your home network.

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. The comfast extender has to be plugged into a wall outlet and power ON. When the power LED on the extender gets stable, it means the device is switched ON successfully.
  2. After getting the device ready, connect it to your client device. Use a computer to connect WiFi signal of Comfast network starting with COMFAST___.
  3. Thereafter, pull up a browser and enter comfast default ip in its URL field. It will take you to the comfast extender login page.
  4. Once you enter the login credentials, you will get into the comfast repeater setup page. Choose the working mode of the comfast device.
  5. When you choose the working mode as ‘Extender’, the comfast setup wizard will ask you to connect to the wireless network of your home network.
  6. From the list shown on the setup wizard, choose the SSID of the network that you wish to extend. Next, you need to type in the Wi-Fi security key of your home router network.
  7. Henceforth, you can change the wireless SSID and security passkey of the comfast wifi extended network.
  8. At last, you can save and apply the current changes to get complete your comfast repeater setup.

After installing and configuring your comfast wifi extender, you can place the device to a new location and connect the devices to the extended network.

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