This is a complete step by step guide for Comfast router login. Here we will help the users in understanding their router by providing the setup and troubleshooting steps for the Comfast router. Get complete information about the IP address of the Comfast router, username, and login password. 

Default information for Comfast router login

Default IP Address-

Username- admin

Password- admin


 Here are some step by step instructions to login to your Comfast router:

  1. Connect your Comfast router to the computer/ mobile phone. You can take a cable to connect to the Comfast router or do it wirelessly. It is recommended to use a wired connection instead of wireless connection as it is more secured and there are fewer chances of disconnection.
  2. Open up an internet browser and go to the address bar and type the default IP address of the Comfast router. Enter IP address into the web address. You can find the default IP address on the sticker at the back of the router.
  3. Now, you would need to access the Comfast router setup page. For that, you need to enter the login formation such as the username and password of your Comfast router. If you don’t know the Comfast router login password or username, you will have to reset the device. After which, you can sign in by using the Comfast router default password.

Finding the default Comfast router default password, username, and IP address

Are you not sure about the Comfast router default password? The following methods will help you know the default credentials of your Comfast router.
  • The first option is to find the sticker on the back-side or back panel of the Comfast device. Most of the router prints default credentials on the backside of the device.
  • The other option is to find the Comfast router default password, username, and IP address on the user manual that came along with your router.
Once you find the default credentials for Comfast router login, your next step should be to access the admin console of your device.

What to do if the Comfast router login page not responding?

If you encounter any troubles while signing into Comfast router, using its IP address, username, or password then there are chances you’re using the incorrect combination. Comfast router login page not loading? If for any specific reason you are unable to log into the Comfast router, then you should try out the following troubleshooting steps. Please ensure you are using the correct login username and password to access the Comfast router login page. Also, make sure that the computer is connected to the Comfast router properly with a wired connection.

If you are still not getting access to the Comfast router setup page then you should reset your router using the hard reset button. This will erase all the settings that you have configured and login issues will be resolved. After the reset process is done, you can sign into the admin page by using the Comfast router default password.

Comfast router setup troubleshooting

This guide was all about the Comfast router login and setup process. We have shared the steps that will help you log into the admin console of the Comfast router. These steps will resolve all your queries regarding Comfast router setup. To know more about it, you can contact our technical experts by dialing our toll free number.