How to set up Comfast CF-WR754AC

How to set up Comfast CF-WR754AC?

Repeaters are now an integral element of modern offices and homes. In addition to allowing users access to the internet in the most remote areas of their space, these devices such as Comfast repeaters also come with numerous options. If you are purchase an all-new Comfast Repeater and are looking for methods to get it set functioning then you’re in the right spot. This page will guide you through the information on how to set up the Comfast CF-WR754AC setup repeater in no time.

A default username and password are used for the Comfast Repeater

To gain access to the Comfast repeater setup page you’ll have to enter the login credentials that you use for default. While these credentials may differ according to the model of the repeater you’re employing, you can use the default credentials listed in:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Methods to setup your Repeater

The WPS Method

It is important to note that the “WiFi Protected Setup” method must be followed only when your home network router is equipped with the WPS button, and is able to support this type of connection. If you’re sure your devices are compatible with the same and you are able to begin the steps outlined.

  • Connect your Comfast Repeater to the power outlet, then turn on the power source. Allow the devices to begin to power up, then watch until your Power LED turns solid.

Be sure to install your second router within the exact same location as your primary router to ensure a smoother and uninterrupted pairing.

  • Check that the primary router is also functioning and that the internet is functioning.
  • Click your WPS button of the router’s main button. The WPS LED blink. This means it is searching for a second device to connect with.
  • On your Comfast Repeater, hit the WPS button, as well. It will show the WPS light on your repeater flash for a time, eventually changing to a solid. This indicates that the repeater has been pair with your router’s main router and is now ready to extend the signals.
  • You are now able to move your repeater’s location to a different place based on the location you prefer and then connect it to the network.

The Manual Setup Method for Comfast CF-WR754AC setup

As previously mentioned the manual setup process will require access to the online setting management wizard. Here are a few steps you can take to begin the manual configuration of the Comfast Repeater:

  •  Connect the Comfast Repeater to a wall outlet close to your home router. The power supply is turn on and let the power LED change into a solid.
  • When it is done, start the network settings on your smartphone or computer and link your device to the Comfast repeater system. You can recognize the same by its name. Choose the same name and then click the connect button.
  • Then, open a browser and you’ll be automatically taken into your Comfast Repeater login window. If not, simply type in an IP address that is the default within the address line of the browser, and proceed by pressing Enter.
  • When you are at your default login page for repeaters enter the default login credentials into the appropriate fields, and then click “Login”.

Configuring the Network : Comfast CF-WR754AC setup

The primary Comfast Repeater Setup wizard display on your desktop and you’ll be present with three options, namely. AP, Repeater, and Router. Because we are making this device repeater, you can click “Repeater” in the Repeater option.

Configuring the Network Comfast CF-WR754AC setup
  • Now, the “Wireless Site Survey” page shows up on your screen. There’s also a list of networks available. Select connect to your home router.
  • This form located at the bottom of the webpage will display information about the network’s name in a timely manner.
  • In the fields beneath the router’s name, you can enter a brand newly created repeater SSID. This is the name that your network will display when you search for it on the screen of searching.
  • Also, you must enter your new password for repeaters in the field immediately below the SSID field.
  • Simply click on the “Connect” button.
  • The wizard for setting up will require you to enter the password for the main router network within the following window.
  • After clicking Connect, the connection is successful and a message of success will appear at the top of the screen and your Comfast CF-WR754AC setup is done.

It is now possible to continue the connection of your wireless device to your Comfast Repeater Network.