COMFAST CF-EW72 Router login and password

To get admin access to your Comfast CF-EW72 router, you require the default IP and login
password, and username. You can find this information on the user manual of your device. But
if you don’t have a manual for your Comfast device or you don’t want to read the entire manual
then this blog post will help you.

Default login for Comfast CF-EW72 router

  • The IP address for Comfast router-
  •  Username- admin
  •  Password- admin

Comfast CF-EW72 router login

To log into Comfast router, use the below-given guide:
   1. Connect your modem directly to the Comfast router with the help of an Ethernet cable.
Next, connect your laptop or PC to the Comfast device. You can even use a wireless
   2. By using the internet browser of your choice, navigate to the Comfast router login page
by typing the default IP address into the address bar.
   3. Next, enter the default username and password for your Comfast router and access the
admin panel of the device. If you don’t know the login details for the Comfast router,
you can look up and find the default login password and username for your device.

Change Comfast CF-EW72 router login password

Comfast CF-EW72 router login password

The very first task after accessing the Comfast router setup page is changing the login username
and password to something more personal and secure.
   1. Access the Comfast router admin page by using the IP address and
providing the default login credentials.
   2. Under the ‘Admin’ tab, you will find the option of changing the Comfast login password.
Click on it and type the new password in the prompted fields.
   3. It should be something that you can never forget and of course it should be hard
enough for others to guess.
   4. After making the changes, hit on the ‘Save’ button and this will apply the new changes
for you.

If you are experiencing problems while getting into the Comfast CF-EW72 router, then you are
probably using the incorrect login password or username.

Fail to login to Comfast CF Ew72 router? If yes, then chances are that you’re using an incorrect
password and username combination. Go for the hard reset task. You would need to press and
hold down the reset button with a needle for a while. This will reset your Comfast device back
to its default settings.
After completing the hard reset job, you would need to login to the Comfast CF EW72 router
using the default login details. After getting admin access to your Comfast device, you can easily
change its login password.

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