Comcast internet connected but not working

Your internet connection might drop unexpectedly for no obvious reasons. Comcast Xfinity internet not working can be very frustrating, whether it happens on your computer or smartphone. You are not the only one whose xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting. This is extremely annoying when you lose internet connectivity. 

In this blog, you can learn about simple steps that can fix Comcast internet connected but not working issue.

Reason why xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting

If you are encountering xfinity wifi connected but no internet access issue, there are multiple reasons why this could happen.

  1. Defective cable connection from your modem/router to your computer.
  2. Issues with the ISP’s infrastructure.
  3. A defective modem.
  4. Wireless interference from the other devices.
  5. Wi-Fi network is overload- too many devices are connected to the wireless network
  6. Outdated firmware of router/modem.

How to resolve Comcast internet connected but not working issue?

Now, that you are aware of some possible reasons regarding why your Comcast Xfinity internet not working, here are some potential fixes that you can use to fix it.

  1. Move closer to the Wi-Fi router. you can also try placing your wifi router in a different place.
  2. Update your Comcast device’s firmware.
  3. Restart power cycle all your devices- modem, router, and computer.
  4. Check the cable connection. Make sure that the Ethernet cable is properly connected.
  5. Keep the devices with high-frequency away from your wifi router.
  6. You can try to reset the Comcast device. 

If you are tired of trying all the steps to get rid of xfinity wifi connected but no internet access issue, you can contact our technicians and ask them to help you with it.