Brostrend wifi extender setup

When looking for a wireless networking device for your home/office, you have to ensure that you get something that’s reliable and help you achieve your networking goals easily. If you are looking for something that has these qualities, BroStrend wifi extenders can be your best choice. Now, once you have made up your mind, learning about the setup process also becomes important. This will help you get started with wireless signal coverage in all corners of your home. This page will walk you through the easy steps for the Brostrend wifi extender setup process.

Default Brostrend WiFi extender login details

Before you proceed with the setup process, it is important to recognize the details you would be needing during the configuration process. Below are teh default web address and IP address details you might need for the setup process:

Default Web Address:

Default IP Address:

Network SSID: BrosTrend_EXT

Apart from collecting these details, you will also need some equipment such as ethernet cables, an active internet connection, and a stable power supply. Once you are ready for the setup process, you can start with the login process to access the setup wizard online.

Ways you can set up your Brostrend WiFi Extender

You can set up your Brostrend wireless extender in two ways. These are:

Using the web interface

Using the WPS Push-button method

Brostrend WiFi Extender Setup using Web Interface

To begin with the BrosTrend extender setup process, you can plug your extender into a power outlet in the same room as your main wireless router. Once plugged in, you can start with the setup process.

The first step to take care of when beginning the setup process is to connect both of your devices to the same network. The smartphone or computer you’ll be able to access the BrosTrend extender setup wizard on must have a connection to the extender network. Otherwise, you won’t be connected to the same. To connect your mobile to the Internet, these are the steps you should follow:

  • Connect your Brostrend extender to the power outlet. Then, turn on the power source and let the device start-up. Check the power LED as well as other status lights to confirm the status.
  • When the device is ready then start your WiFi options on either your phone or desktop computer and search for the Brostrend extender SSID. If you find it, tap the same link and press Connect.
  • It will send you a message when your device is in connection to the network.

Alternatively, you could connect your computer to the device that you want to repeat with an Ethernet cable. This will allow your computer to discover your network connection with the extender automatically, and you don’t have to connect manually.

Once you’re connected, you are able to connect to the Brostrend wifi extender setup wizard following the next steps.

Accessing the Brostrend WiFi extender login page

  • Start a web browser on the device you are connected to. In the address bar, type the default web address and press Enter.
  • Now you’ll be on the login page that is the default for your Brostrend extender. A login form will be accessible and you will be able to complete the form, including the username as well as the password to continue.
  • These details will be displayed on the label of the product on your device. Finally, Click on Login.
  • It will confirm your details, and you’ll be taken to the home page of the web link to the wizard for setting up your extender.

Note: If you are having issues accessing the Brostrend extender setup wizard using the default web address, you can also use the IP address to access the same. Be sure to check the IP address via your command prompt, or the IP settings on your device or computer.

Brostrend WiFi extender network setup

Once you’ve been directed towards the screen for setting up you’ll be presented with a dialogue box that reads “Looking to find networks.” When the search is completed and you’ll see a list of wireless networks in the box.

  • Find the network SSID of your router and then select that. If you are asked to enter your password, simply click on the text field for passwords and enter the same.
  • If you’re using dual-band networks you’ll need to join the second network band with its connections information. After that, click on the “Join” button.
  • This Brostrend extender setup wizard will then validate the information and then redirect you to the correct page.
  • On the next screen, you’ll be asked to set up the extender network. Then, you can choose an SSID and create a strong password to protect it. You can also configure this information for the 5GHz frequency band. After that, press Save.
  • Now, you will be able to see a summary of the settings you’ve recently set up. Go through the same settings, and then select the Save and Close The wizard for setting up the Brostrend extender will be closed and you will be able to join your devices wirelessly to the internet.

Using the WPS Push-button method

If your wireless router that you have at home is WPS compatible, you can use the WPS push-button method to configure your devices. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • You can power on your extender by plugging it into an electrical outlet in the same room as your wifi router.
  • Allow some time till the power LED turns solid blue.
  • Press the WPS button on your router. You will now see a blinking light on the WPS LED.
  • Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your Brostrend wifi extender as well. The WPS LED on the extender will also blink.
  • You can now wait until the signal LED turns solid and a successful connection is completed between the extender and the main router device.

Once the setup is complete, you can relocate the extender and then connect your wireless devices to its network.

Using the WPS Push-button method

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