brostrend extender ac1200 setup

Brostrend AC1200 Setup

A top-quality Wi-Fi extender enables a secure and stable Wi-Fi connection to all the dead spots in your house. That’s why you should set up the Brostrend AC1200 in your house, to ensure a strong connection in every corner. Another great feature this extender offers is that you can connect at most 20 devices.

Now if you’re just wondering about the setup, then don’t worry! Because in this post, we’ll explain how you can begin the Brostrend Wi-Fi extender setup process.

Methods for the Brostrend AC1200 Extender Setup

There are two methods for the Brostrend wifi extender setup ; in the first the web user interface can be utilize. Whereas, in the second method WPS button is use for the installation of the Brostrend extender. The methods are as follows:

Brostrend Wi-Fi Extender Setup via Web UI

  1. First you have to plug the extender in an outlet in the room, the Wi-Fi router is present. You have to wait until the PWR LED is blue, before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Secondly, link your Wi-Fi device to the extender’s Wi-Fi network BrosTrend_EXT.
  3. You need to make certain that the mobile data function of the Wi-Fi device, if there’s any, is disabled.
  4. When you have successfully connected to the Wi-Fi extender, you will be directed to the Brostrend extender setup page.
  5. If it isn’t connecting, go to a web browser and enter in the address bar. It is recommended to create a login password for future logins.
  6. Then, choose the Wi-Fi network (SSID) that you wish to extend.
  7. After that, you are required to enter the password of the Wi-Fi you want to extend. Wait till the ‘Extended Successfully’ page is displayed.
  8. Between the Wi-Fi router and the Wi-Fi dead zone, plug the extender in an outlet and wait until the signal LED turns on.
  9. Now, you can connect the Wi-Fi device to the extended network that will come with the existing network name as well as suffixes of _EXT/_5GEXT. The Wi-Fi password automatically will be the same as your existing Wi-Fi network.
  10. This is the first method of the Brostrend AC1200 extender setup, using a web user interface.

Brostrend AC1200 Extender Setup via WPS

  1. The first step is to plug the extender in an outlet in the same room you have your Wi-Fi router in. Just wait till the PWR LED is blue.
  2. The second step is to press the WPS button on the router and in 2 minutes, press the WPS button the extender. The extender’s WPS LED will begin blinking.
  3. Now just wait till the signal LED switches on. If it doesn’t turn on then reset the extender and try Method 1.
  4. Then, plug the extender in an outlet as the Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi are in the dead zone, and wait till the signal LED turns on.
  5. Now you can connect the Wi-Fi devices to the extended networks that come in the present network’s name and suffixes of _EXT/_5GEXT. The password of the Wi-Fi is automatically the same as your current Wi-FI network.

If you’re unable to connect the extender to your current router then it might be due to the WPA or WEP encryption on your router. The Wi-Fi extender might have trouble finding this network. Nevertheless, the router encryption settings can be modifiy to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK and then you can scan the Wi-Fi network.

Also, the default settings on the Brostrend Wi-Fi extender can be restore by pressing the restart button on the extender. Afterwards, just wait for the PWR LED to turn blue before you begin with the Brostrend AC1200 extender setup procedure.
If you are facing difficulty at any step of the Brostrend extender setup process, our team is always available to help you.